Marine and tropical fish: 
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If you are looking for tropical fish in Deeside, contact Contact Pets.

We have a number of different species of marine and tropical fish available at our Chester pet shop. We stock guppies, catfish, danios, corydoras, tetras, loaches, gouramis, mollies and many others.

A wide range of tropical fish accessories

At Contact Pets, we have a wide range of fish tank accessories for sale:

*   Tanks, lighting, lids and stands
*   Gravel, rocks, plants and general decoration
*   Filters, heaters, thermostats and water testing kits
*   Treatments for pests and diseases (i.e. whitespot)

Clean-up crew

At Contact Pets, we have a variety of fish tank cleaning livestock for sale too:

*   Marine snails
*   Hermit crabs
*   Starfish
For exotic pets in Chester, including tortoises, tarantulas, turtles, and more, call Contact Pets today.

01244 280 880

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