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A wide range of exotic livestock for sale in Chester

A huge range of snakes and lizards for sale

We keep a huge range of snakes and lizards for you to potentially purchase at our pet shop. Along with our wide selection, we also provide expertise and experience in handling these species. We do not stock any animals that we do not have personal experience of keeping. This means you can be well prepared for any eventualities as your pet matures.

Among the lizards we sell are many species of geckos, chameleons, skinks and dragons. 

We also have a huge range of different species of snakes in stock at any one time. We carry a wide range of morphs of corn snakes, royal pythons, milk snakes, king snakes, boas, hognoses and tree snakes etc. 


  • Geckos
  • Chameleons
  • Skinks
  • Bearded dragons


  • Corn snakes
  • Royal pythons
  • Milk snakes
  • King snakes
  • Boas
  • Hognoses
  • Tree snakes 

Tortoises and Turtles

We have a number of different species of tortoises and turtles in stock at any one time.

Tarantulas, scorpions and bugs

We have a number of different species of tarantulas and scorpions, and bugs such as millipedes, centipedes, beetles, stick insects and mantises in stock at any one time.


Among our stock of amphibians, we sell dart frogs, tree frogs, toads, salamanders, newts, and many more.

Contact our store to see if the species you are looking for is in stock.
You can find the snake and lizards you are looking for at Contact Pets of Chester. 

As the turnover of our stock is high we can't list them all. Please send a message or call the shop and ask if there is something specific you are looking for.

01244 280 880

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