Pet Foods

Exotic pet foods

Contact Pets of Chester sell a wide variety of live foods, dry foods and supplements.

Dry foods

Contact Pets sell a wide variety of specialist lizard food and gecko food, by brands such as Repashy and Komodo. If you want to ensure your reptile had the very best food, with the required minerals and nutrients, Contact Pets of Chester are here to help.
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Tortoise food

Tortoise food

We sell many foods suitable for tortoises and terrapins. If you are looking for quality food for these animals, Contact Pets can ensure they get the food they require.

Live food

Reptiles will sometimes become bored of food that doesn't need to be caught. We can supply a variety of live foods, available to pick up, or posted in a secure container to your address. If you are looking to purchase live food for a reptile, Contact Pets has a wide variety for you to choose from. 
For a wide variety of exotic pet food, browse through our online store or visit our pet shop in Chester.

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